Conditions of Membership

TSCI membership may be granted to an organization performing activities in the field of technical survey and classification which:

performs survey of inland and river-sea navigation vessels and/or sea-going ships holding its class;

has the Rules for classification and construction of ships;

has qualified technical staff;

possesses a documented internal quality management system complying with ISO 9001 requirements;

recognizes TSCI Statute and Ethics Norms;

is a non-for-profit organization not having profit earning as the main purpose of its activities and not distributing the earned profit among its participants.

Organization that wishes to become TSCI member, forwards an application of arbitrary form to TSCI Secretariat. TSCI Secretariat sends to the applicant the following documents:

application form for joining TSCI;

self-assessment questionnaire form;

TSCI Statute;

TSCI Ethics Norms.

The applicant submits to TSCI Secretariat the application and self-assessment questionnaire with necessary documents attached, filled-in in one of TSCI working languages.

Correspondence of the applicant to membership conditions is subject to checking by TSCI.

Admission of organization to TSCI membership is effected at the meeting of TSCI Council.