TSCI Structure

• TSCI Council

• Chairman of TSCI Council

• TSCI Secretariat

• TSCI Working Groups:

Quality Working Group;

Research & Development Working Group;

TSCI Council

The highest managing TSCI body is TSCI Council.

TSCI Council is the general meeting of the authorized representatives of all TSCI members with one representative from each TSCI member. Authorized representative has the right of casting vote.

Scope of TSCI Council covers solving the matters of TSCI activities including:

adoption of TSCI Statute, amendments and addenda thereto;

adoption of amendments and addenda to TSCI Constituent Agreement;

determination of directions of TSCI activities;

election of TSCI Council Chairman and Vice-Chairman;

consideration and adoption of annual reports of TSCI Council Chairman on outcome of TSCI activities;

admittance to TSCI membership and expulsion from TSCI;

stating amount of membership fees for TSCI members as well as procedure and terms of payment;

organization of cooperation within the frames of TSCI;

adoption of current and long-term working plans;

consideration and approval of principles of cooperation with other organizations, appointment of representatives for work with other organizations and determination of their authorizations, including participation in symposia, conferences, congresses etc.;

formation of TSCI working bodies, determination of their rights and obligations as well as term of authorization;

appointment of the Head of TSCI Secretariat;

establishment of principles of forming and using TSCI Secretariatís property;

control of activities of TSCI Council Secretariat including financial activity;

approval of TSCI Council Secretariat finance plan (estimate) and amendments thereto, approval of the annual report and annual balance sheet;

adoption of decision on TSCI liquidation.

TSCI Councilís meetings are held minimum once a year. Plenary meeting of TSCI Council is held usually in the country of location of the organization whose leader chairs the TSCI Council unless TSCI Council adopts other decision.

The dates and places of plenary Meetings are determined by TSCI Council. If necessary, an extraordinary Meeting may be called by the Chairman of TSCI Council or at request of at least one-third of TSCI members. In this case the date and place of the meeting shall be agreed by all TSCI members by means of correspondence.

TSCI Council meeting is legally valid if attended by at least two-thirds of TSCI Council members.

During the periods between meetings TSCI Council may take a decision without holding a special meeting by means of absent voting (inquiry). Such voting may be realized by exchange of documents using any kind of communication, which provides authenticity of sent and received messages and its documented confirmation.

Chairman of TSCI Council

The Chairman of TSCI Council shall be elected from the members of TSCI Council for a two-year period.

The Chairman of TSCI Council performs the following functions:

organizes the work of TSCI Council;

organizes meetings of TSCI Council and presides over them;

prepares materials for meetings of TSCI Council;

controls the implementation of TSCI Council decisions;

prepares draft agenda of plenary meeting of TSCI Council;

introduces proposals on calling extraordinary meeting of TSCI Council.

The Chairmanship of TSCI Council shall be, as a rule, subsequently taken by authorized representatives of all TSCI members.

TSCI Secretariat

TSCI executive body is TSCI Secretariat, which seats at the place of TSCI location.

TSCI Council appoints the Head of TSCI Secretariat. The labour contract with the Head of TSCI Secretariat shall be signed by the Chairman of TSCI Council.

Scope of activities of TSCI Secretariat, its authorization, rights, obligations and liabilities are stated in the Regulations of TSCI Secretariat approved by TSCI Council.