TSCI Quality Policy

All the activities of the International Association of Technical Survey and Classification Institutions and each of its members in particular are aimed at meeting the needs of their customers, TSCI members and the society as a whole and are considered as the manifestation of quality.

Interrelations of TSCI members, their relations with the Association, their customers and other organizations as well as the activities of the Association in whole are based on strict observance of the TSCI Statute, Ethics Norms and other TSCI normative documents, worked out on the basis of the elements of International Standards ISO 9000.

TSCI Quality Policy as well as a means of long-term success of its activities is the effective achievement of the following goals:

elaboration of activities aimed at ensuring the safety of inland and river-sea ships’ and other floating objects navigation, the safety of human life at sea and on inland waterways, safety of cargoes, environmental protection;

enhancement of technical supervision over industry, building and transport objects;

improvement of the quality of rendered services in the field of certification of quality management systems, products and services;

continuous improvement of the quality of rendered services in the scope of Association members’ activities;

development and unification of TSCI members’ requirements for vessels and other supervised objects aimed at improvement of the Rules of TSCI members;

improvement of quality management systems of TSCI members, mutual substitution when performing inspection/supervision in the framework of TSCI, protection of Association members’ general interests;

raising of competitiveness and enhancing of the sphere of services.

These goals are to be achieved by:

mutual cooperation in development and elaboration of the Rules and Regulations of TSCI members;

experience and information exchange concerning organization of TSCI members’ work;

implementation of results of joint scientific-research work in the activities of TSCI member-organizations;

constant improvement of personnel’ qualification, cooperation of TSCI and its members with international and national organizations;

systematic analysis of the Association activities.

Quality of services rendered by each TSCI member is provided by obligatory introduction of internal quality management system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001.